Concrete and Asphalt damageSub-base preparation and drainage are key elements of proper concrete and asphalt construction. Defects in either can result in damage and cause safety hazards, such as asphalt damage.

The sub-base is the material upon which the asphalt or concrete is placed. If the sub-base is not properly compacted, or if the sub-base materials used cannot support the weight of the overlying concrete or asphalt, damage is likely.

Concrete And Asphalt Damage — Drainage

Drainage is also important. Where water is allowed to pond on asphalt, it can deteriorate the oil binder that holds the asphalt together. This, in turn, allows water to penetrate the sub-base, causing damage due to settlement or heaving of the sub-base. Also, where poor drainage allows water to penetrate into the sub-base beneath concrete, similar damage occurs. Often, this damage is seen where concrete curbs intersect asphalt streets, or where concrete is adjacent to landscaped areas.

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