Commitment to Client Service

McKenzie Rhody focuses exclusively on construction defect litigation as the needs of associations and individual homeowners require significant amounts of time and resources.
  • Exclusive representation of homeowners in construction defect litigation
  • Very selective in choosing clientele


Technical Ability

McKenzie Rhody has assembled an extensive network of construction experts to represent associations and individual homeowners in construction defect cases.
  • Architects
  • Forensic engineers
  • Geotechnical professionals
  • Cost estimators
  • Industry- leading expert witnesses

Because of statute of limitations-imposed deadlines, McKenzie Rhody knows that timing is crucial so they work closely with their expert teams to investigate, offer recommendations on needed repairs, and if necessary, testify.


Highly Specialized Staff

McKenzie Rhody’s unique combination of experience representing homeowners, coupled with its past experience representing homebuilders, developers, contractors and insurance companies provides their clients a formidable advantage in negotiating settlements and trying cases.
  • Experience on both sides of the litigation table
  • The partners at McKenzie Rhody have 22 years of experience in construction defect litigation.
  • Over 16 years of exclusive representation of homeowners and homeowners associations
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