lofts and high rises defect lawyersThe popularity of lofts & high rises has resulted in a rush by builders to meet demand. In addition, in larger metropolitan areas, high-rise construction has gained in popularity as builders struggle to maximize the number of units they can build on limited available land.

Loft and high-rise construction presents numerous challenges for both new construction and converting existing structures. Typically, problems first manifest themselves with water intrusion as seen by the following:

Lofts & High Rises – Intrusions

• Water enters the building around windows and sliding glass doors as a result of a lack of flashing and other water-proofing details.

• Complications caused by increased wind loads, and the failure to account for structural demands due to the height of these buildings, results in deflection of the framing for the windows and doors, allowing water intrusion.

• Roofing systems with major mechanical components on the top of the building are sometimes improperly installed, allowing water to enter the building.

• Many lofts and high rises have below-grade parking, which experiences significant water intrusion due to the failure to properly waterproof the exterior walls and/or properly waterproof the concrete deck above the garages.

• Many lofts and high-rises are being built with an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS), which requires special installation techniques to prevent water intrusion into the walls.

If You Have Intrusions You Might Need To Hire Lofts And High Rises Defect Lawyers

In addition to these waterproofing issues, many lofts and high-rise projects have sophisticated and complex mechanical systems. Many of these projects use a “loop” system where the hot and cold water runs through a loop connecting throughout the entire building. Some loop systems also feed the water necessary for individual heat pumps and air conditioners in each unit. Often these systems are not properly balanced, installed and/or powered.

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