Listed below are the construction defect success stories from cases we’ve handled. Please keep in mind that no two cases are alike. Also, juries and other decision makers may come to different conclusions, even when presented with the same set of facts. For these reasons, the firm cannot guarantee similar results for any client. These cases are meant only to highlight a small sample of the firm’s past successes. In addition, to protect the privacy of our clients, we have not included specific case information in the descriptions below. Please contact us, however, and we will be happy to provide you with references.

West Los Angeles, CA

Settlement for condominium community with defects in roofing systems, stucco, doors, decks and parking garage.

San Diego, CA

Settlement for luxury condominium community suffering from defective windows, roof leaks damaging living units, water intrusion into parking garage and stucco deficiencies. McKenzie Rhody resolved the Association’s claim in under 9 months.

Boulder, CO

16-unit condominium community suffering from window leaks, roof leaks, stucco cracking, deterioration of concrete landings and fire-sprinkler system failures. 

Los Angeles, CA

Confidential settlement for Mid-Rise condominium community suffering from leaking roof, significant stucco deficiencies leading to water intrusion, hot water recirculating system pinhole leaks and insufficient deck waterproofing.

Denver, CO

High-rise (392 units) suffering from water leaks, concrete balcony deterioration and inadequate heating and cooling, among other defects. 

Boulder County, CO

Condominium community (55 units) with water damage from defectively installed roofs, windows and decks; and excessive concrete and asphalt cracking.

Sherman Oaks, CA

Settlement for multi-story condominium community affected by water intrusion from defective roof, significant stucco deficiencies, pinhole leaks in plumbing system, among other defects.

Denver, CO

100+ unit high-rise suffering from concrete balcony deterioration, and water damage from improperly installed EIFS (synthetic stucco).

Larimer County, CO

Roof, window and balcony leaks and defective drainage in landscaped areas damaging 89-unit condominium community.

Adams County, CO

216-unit condominium development with (among other defects) weather-resistive barrier reverse-lapped behind windows, doors and balconies.  The defective barrier violated the building code and various manufacturers’ installation instructions.

Pitkin County, CO

90+ unit condominium community suffering from warping, cracking and delaminating siding.

El Paso County, CO

Town-homes (74) suffering from roof, window, door and balcony leaks causing interior damage.  Bad drainage around the buildings also caused foundation damage.

Travis County, TX

144-unit condominium community with damage resulting from defectively installed roofs, windows and doors, and improper drainage around the buildings.

Denver, CO

20+ unit mid-rise with damage from roof and window leaks; structural damage to balconies and stucco cracks.

Arapahoe County, CO

Multi-story condominium community (176 units) with water intrusion, balcony drainage and concrete and asphalt defects.

Arapahoe County, CO

Multi-story condominium community (176 units) with water intrusion, balcony drainage and concrete and asphalt defects.

Rockwall County, TX

Extensive dry-rot, mold and structural damage resulting from defectively installed weather resistive barrier and flashings at windows, doors, balconies and roofs.

Westminster, CO

88-unit town-home community with water intrusion at balconies, roofs, and windows.  Improper drainage around the buildings was also causing damage.

Dallas County, TX

183 town-homes with structural damage to foundations and floor slabs; and improperly attached exterior brick veneer.

Aurora, CO

74-unit condominium complex suffering from water intrusion through basement walls, foundation damage and other interior damage resulting from foundation movement.

Travis County, TX

282-unit condominium community suffering from damage due to defective installation of windows, doors, roofs, balconies and exterior brick veneer.

Tyler, TX

High-rise condominium building with a leaking and delaminating membrane roof system; improperly installed exterior tile cladding causing, among other problems, tiles to fall from the building; and window leaks.

Colorado Springs, CO

242-unit condominium association suffering from flooding units due to improper drainage; stucco damage due to improper installation and water damage caused by poorly installed windows, balconies and roofs, among other damages.

Aurora, CO

154-unit town-home association suffering from water damage caused by improperly installed siding, windows and balconies; and asphalt and concrete damage.

San Antonio, TX

Repairs performed by a homebuilder to remediate a landslide and retaining wall failure that damaged the homeowners association’s common area property as well as numerous single family homes.

Lewisville, TX

140-unit town-home association suffering from structural damage, brick veneer falling from the buildings, retaining wall collapses and roof leaks, among other damages.