by The Felix Reserve Group, McKenzie Rhody, LLP, Alliance Association Bank

Empowering Your Communities

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is progress. ALL are powerful weapons, and we say, ALL can be FUN! Register today and join us for our “Find It, Fix It, Fund It” educational seminar.


How financially strong is your Community? Finding the answer requires knowledge of all long term assets that requires periodic maintenance, their age, and a plan to accumulate financial assets, to keep the Association in balance.

Preparing communities with an equitable funding plan for their future maintenance and replacement needs and/or the cost of long term projects, is essential for saving money in the long run. Rob Felix, RS, Owner of The Felix Reserve Group will discuss the need for Reserve Studies as they relate to maintaining the value of community assets, and offer a roadmap that will allow for efficient and effective decision making.


Finding maintenance items that require ongoing care is one thing, but what happens when patterns of problems emerge and become a greater cause for concern? Who should fix these items and who pays for the associated costs?

Identifying a regular maintenance item versus a possible Construction Defect issue, can be tricky. McKenzie Rhody, LLP Partner, Cass McKenzie, will help you identify “red flags” that could point to issues that are beyond the constructs of regular maintenance items. Touching on Texas Law, Cass will also elaborate on vital timeframes to be aware of and corresponding “next steps”.


What’s an Association to do, if they have a repair or an issue to fix, but do not have the reserves or a viable legal route to take? Are there creative funding options to consider?

What types of banks should an association seek for a loan? What types of projects will a bank finance for an association loan? Craig Huntington, President of Alliance Association Bank, will answer these questions and will also provide a better understanding of the “Credit Metrics” a bank considers, regarding loan approvals. As well as, the types of “Collateral” an association could use to secure a loan and various types of loan terms and rates.

We look forward to a FUN afternoon with you! Each attendee will receive 3 Continuing Education Credits Beverages (yes, the adult kind) & “lite bites” will be available “Happy Hour” & “Socializing” to commence, after the last presentation.


Thu, November 8, 2018
2:30 PM – 5:00 PM CST
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Chateau Crystale
2517 South Gessner Road
Houston, TX 77063
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